Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!

Start your next adventure in a new neighborhood.
I started my business with such a motto in mind.

My motivation was the life I experienced abroad for nearly 20 years.

I didn’t speak the language, and the customs and rules were also different.
It was hard to shop with my young twin kids.

Suddenly, my child got sick! Where can I get emergency medical treatment late at night?
There are no Japanese people in the local school… how do I apply?
The washing machine isn’t working! Who should I call?

It’s full of things I don’t understand.

It took a lot of time and many mistakes until I was able to enjoy my life.

Now it has become possible to get information instantly, and life is much easier thanks to smartphones, but I still think that a happy life cannot be attained without mutual cooperation.

Even after you move, you may encounter a lot of problems before you finally settle in to your new life. If you want to start a new life with your family with a language barrier and not much help around you, the difficulty can be unpredictable.

We don’t want you to feel disappointed or feel that you worked for nothing. We hope you take a step forward full of hopes and dreams, looking to enjoy meeting lots of people in a new place.

We want you to achieve a relocation that will continue to excite your mind as you travel.

Using the experience, wisdom, and knowledge that I gained living abroad with my family, I would like to use all my energy to help you move here.

Feel free to use our services here at Smart Relocate. We hope you enjoy your new life in Japan!

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