Recommended places to live ( Chiba area )

Recommended places to live ( Chiba area )

Many foreigners who work in Tokyo tend to seek homes in major areas such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ikebukuro areas of Tokyo.

We also specialize in homes in the Chiba, Makuhari and Urayasu area, which are close to Tokyo. If you have a preference for bigger apartments with affordable rents, we recommend these areas.

The Chiba area is also ideal for people working in Tokyo and wish to live away from the city center.

Recommended areas for people who work in Tokyo while living in Chiba.


Here are areas for people who work in Tokyo.

The living environment and housing conditions are ideal, and we often introduce many apartments in this area.

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Chiba Area

Located around JR Chiba and Inage station.

In the Chiba area, the train lines around Chiba station to Inage station are the Sobu and Keiyo lines and are convenient and popular for commuting to work and school. Both station have rapid lines for quicker access.

Chiba Sogo is a large department store around Chiba Station, and the recently renovated station building has many popular shops and are popular among local shoppers.

There is a high-rise condominium and “AEON” shopping mall in front of JR Inage station, which is one stop away from Chiba station.

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Ichikawa and Funabashi Area

These areas are the second largest commercial areas following Chiba city and are popular commuter cities.

Easily accessible to and from Tokyo within a 30 minute train ride. There are many supermarkets, shops, restaurants, and cafes surrounding the respective stations, and rent prices are slightly lower than central Tokyo.

These areas have many famous private schools and are known for having the best educational facilities throughout Chiba prefecture.

Nishi-Funabashi station, located between Ichikawa and Funabashi is a hub station for six train lines connecting JR and the subway, making it very convenient for commuting to work and school in the Tokyo, Chiba, and Saitama areas.

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Makuhari Area

In the Makuhari area near Kaihin Makuhari and Makuhari station is a town with plenty of leisure activities, shopping, parks and recreational areas.

There is an outlet mall in front of Kaihin makuhari station, and there are large commercial facilities such as “AEON MALL” and “Costco” nearby. This is what makes these areas ideal for everyday shopping.

It is also close to Makuhari Messe where commercial events and fairs are held throughout the year. Cetain Olympic events are scheduled to be held on the venue in 2020.

Makuhari and Kaihin Makuhari are located in Chiba city’s Mihama district and have the highest proportion of foreign residence within the city.

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Urayasu Area

The Urayasu area is a beautiful bay city that is located only 20 minutes from Tokyo by train.

Our office is also located in this area!!

Thanks to Tokyo Disneyland’s location by Maihama station, there are many express buses to the Tokyo area and the airports. Access to central Tokyo is quick and easy, making commute to work and school stress-free. There are also plenty of shopping facilities to make everyday life convenient.

The sea is within walking distance with many palm trees lining up along the roads. I personally call this area California of Kanto!

By the way, Urayasu is famous for picking clams at the beach! Of course, you don’t need to pay any extra fees for the activity. It’s really fun for kids too! The type of clam abundant in the area are called “Asari” and they are very small and used in miso soup. Why don’t you give it a try??

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