What website is useful for seeking information on disasters in Japan?

What website is useful for seeking information on disasters in Japan?

This article relates to the Disaster Prevention Information during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games published the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan.

Japanese is prone to many natural disasters and people have been learning about “bousai” ( disaster prevention ) since elementary school. “Disaster Prevention (Bousai, Bosai)” is the thought of reducing damage in the wake of natural disasters and emergency drills are held throughout the year in schools so students can be be well-prepared during worst-case scenarios.

The Disaster Prevention Information Portal Website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism provides information that you should check periodically, and evacuation details during times of disaster.

What is the “Disaster Prevention Information Portal Website” by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism?

The Disaster Prevention Information Portal Website provides emergency information during the Tokyo Olympics but is useful for people living in Tokyo and nearby areas. The website is written in Japanese but is also available in English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional).

If you want to know about the weather or recent earthquakes, the website will provide updates in English. It will also provide information on all other regions of Japan.

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What information should I know before a disaster occurs?

画像家財保険の適用範囲The Disaster Prevention Information Portal Website provides information about what kind of damage is likely to occur and how the area will be affected, which can be used to predict the possible damage and simulate evacuation routes in case of disaster.

Many homes were damaged and many lives were lost when a huge tsunami occured in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. Many of the lives lost were attributed to delays in evacuation and poor knowledge of the disaster situation. 

During typhoon season of 2019, the river’s water level rose from heavy rain, eventually flooding homes and buildings. Apartments and office buildings’ power facilities are particularly prone to power failures during floods, prolonging power outages.

Here are some useful things to know in case of any natural disasters

  • Flood Navigation
  • Earthquake Damage Estimation
  • Regional Risk Map
  • River Disaster Prevention Information

Evacuation and disaster prevention

  • Threats of natural disasters
  • Information about tsunamis
  • Disaster prevention book
  • Guides for foreigners
  • Disaster prevention information for foreigners

What information should I check when a disaster occurs?



You should know the possible risks of your current residential location so that you know which evacuation route to take in case of any natural disasters. In case any natural disasters occur, everyone will be in a state of panic and loose their sense of rationality. It is important to be familiar with your neighborhood so that you can plan an escape route before hand. 

  1.  Damage condition
  2. Weather information
  3.  Evacuation routes
  4.  Traffic conditions
  5.  Victim support information 
  6.  Safety information
  7.  Lifeline information

Also, here are some important tips in case of a natural disaster occurs:

  • turn off all sources of fire ( ovens and stoves ) when an earthquake occurs
  • stay away from all bodies of water ( river and sea ) and try to evacuate to a higher elevation
  • locate your nearest shelter. School gymansiums and community centers can function as temporary evacuation centers
  • when you’re indoors when an earthquake occurs, take cover under a table and stay away from shelves or any objects that are likely to fall on you.
  • Always stock up on emergency supplies

Being well-informed and prepared is the best protection. We hope this page will be useful to you in case of any natural disaster. 

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