Recommended places to live ( Tokyo area )

Recommended places to live ( Tokyo area )

Tokyo is so popular a place to live that rent is so high, and it is often difficult to find an apartment that fits your requirements.

That is why we specialize in homes in the Tokyo bay areas that are closer to Chiba, depending on your preference.  

Here are some of the reasons why these areas in Tokyo is higly recommended.

If you live in Tokyo, We recommend the ‘Tokyo Rinkai Area’

If you want to commute and live within Tokyo, there are four areas we recommend :

Edogawa-ku, Koto-ku, Taito-ku, Sumida-ku

“ku” refers to one of the 23 wards ( or districts ) comprising central Tokyo.

These 4 wards have historical Japanese culture and are also popular sightseeing areas for foreigners.

Transportation to and from Tokyo’s major stations are very convenient because there are  plenty of JR lines and subways ( Tokyo Metro and Toei lines ).


画像葛西臨海公園(Kasai Rinkai park)

Kasai Rinkai park

We can show you some properties in Edogawa Ward near Kasai, Nishikasai, Kasai Rinkai Park and Shinozaki if you are interested in living near the bay side area.

The population is fourth among the 23 wards of Tokyo, and transportation to Tokyo / Otemachi Station is very convenient.

画像Tokyo Metro Tozai Line

Tokyo Metro Tozai line

For example, if you use Tokyo Metro Tozai line or Keiyo line, you can go to Tokyo station in less than an hour without transfer.



Kiba area

If you wish to live in Koto ward, there are properties in Kiba, Minami-sunamachi, Monzennakacho, Toyocho and Morishita areas.

These areas are located between Sumida and Arakawa river, and are also homes to many shrines and Buddhist temples. There are also many old traditional buildings dotting the area that date back to the Edo era.

Koto Ward is also along the Tokyo Metro Tozai line, making commute to Tokyo and Otemachi stations very convenient since you don’t need to transfer.




Taito-ku is the area around Asakusa-bashi. You can feel the traditional Japanese atmosphere in the area.

Asakusa, a famous tourist spot, and Ueno Onshi Park are also located in Taito-ku.

In April, Many cherry blossom trees are planted in this city, and you can enjoy them when they are in full bloom every late March to early April, as they are so beautiful.



Skytree and Sumida river

In Sumida-ku, we can show you some apartments around Kikukawa area.

Tokyo ‘Sky Tree’ was opened in Sumida-ku in May 2012. It stands at 634 meters tall and is one of the tallest structures in the world. You can enjoy the view of the tower nearby.

There is a station called Kinshicho and it has a large shopping mall acros the station. It’s also near the Sky Tree and a popular area.

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