Wifi services during natural disasters

Wifi services during natural disasters

Japan is prone to a wide variety of natural disasters including active volcanoes, earthquakes and typhoons. You might be concerned about what to do in case of such emergencies. But with some knowledge and preparation, you can reduce the impact of such natural disasters on your everyday life.

Japan introduced a free Wifi service “00000 Japan” or “five-zero Japan” which will be available during emergencies. 

In the wake of the 2011 earthquake of eastern Japan, it took local Telecom carriers a month to restore their infrastructure.

In case of natural disasters, it can be particularly challenging for foreign nationals to contact friends and families in their home country. Internet connection will be crucial for contacting loved ones.

If you need to contact your friends and family in such situations, you can use the local “00000 Japan” Wifi services.

How to use


You can use 00000 Japan free of charge. No password necessary.

How to connect

  1. Turn Wifi ON on your cell phone or laptop
  2. Select “00000JAPAN” from the list of SSIDs shown

How to disconnect

  1. Go to “settings”, and then tap “Wifi”
  2. Tap the “i” mark by “00000JAPAN”
  3. Tap “disconnect”
  4. Turn off Wifi

Precautions when using 00000 Japan


When using 00000 Japan, caution should be used when entering personal information such as passwords of personal phone numbers.

As 00000 Japan doesn’t require a password to use, security measures are inadequate. That’s why shopping online or accessing an online bank account is not a good idea, as hackers will attempt to steal personal data.

00000 Japan is not easily accessible everywhere in Japan. It can only be used under the following conditions.

  • Areas afflicted by natural disasters
  • Areas where 00000 Japan is provided
  • Public areas that provide Wifi services

You can find out if your area provides these Wifi services by checking our your carrier’s homepage or their Twitter updates. However, in case you cannot access the Internet, switch Wifi on and see if you can access 00000 Japan. It should show up on the selection of SSIDs if available.

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