Furniture Moving and Purchasing Services has just started!

Furniture Moving and Purchasing Services has just started!

Moving can be one of the troublesome experiences in life, especially in terms of time and money. And getting rid of furniture and electrical appliances can be a problem for many people when moving into their new home.

To help you alleviate your burden, we would like to introduce you to our Furniture removal & purchasing service! If you have any unwanted furniture or electrical appliances that can be used, we will be more than glad to buy them from you and deduct the purchase price from your moving service. Looking for a pawn shop or advertising online to sell your belongings can be quite time consuming, particularly with the language barrier. Why go through all the hassle of selling them or getting rid of them when we can do it for you?
This is an eco-friendly service we recommend if you are planning to move!

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If you have any sudden relocation in Japan, please contact us!
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