What are the points for saving deposits(敷金) in Japanese rental apartments?

What are the points for saving deposits(敷金) in Japanese rental apartments?

In this article, we will explain whether you need to pay any deposits ,敷金(Shikikin) and how to save initial costs for a rent.

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How to save security deposit in Japan


If you see rental properties information in Japan, you may find the words of a security deposit.

Normally, when you want to rent an apartment in Japan, you have to pay the security deposit to an owner.

If you are paying a security deposit when you move in, some costs will be deducted from the security deposit. After that, you can get refund the rest of it.

However, there are three ways to save the security deposit.

  • Choose an apartment without a security deposit
  • Find a way you don’t have to pay
  • Keep your room CLEAN

To save a security deposit tip 1: Choose an apartment without a security deposit

When choosing an apartment with no security deposit, you need to pay attention to these things.

You have to be careful when you choose the no security deposit apartment(敷金ゼロ物件)

In Japanese, the apartment that you don’t have to pay the security deposit is called ‘敷金ゼロ物件’.

Even if you can start to live in Japan with these apartments, you have to pay other fees when you move out. Please be careful.

If you want to live the apartment without a security deposit, you have to check a rent agreement before you rent.

It is possible that you may be charged for cleaning and repairing fess depending on the condition of the room when you move out if the rent agreement says so.

For a property that does not require a security deposit, it is a normal mechanism to be charged  fees when you move out like these:

  • House cleaning fee
  • Keyhole replacement due to lost key
  • Wall and floor hole repair costs
  • Smell of tobacco, discoloration due to nicotine
  • Scratches and dirt by children and pets

In ‘敷金ゼロ物件’, conditions are limited


Many properties without deposits are as follows.

  • For single or small group
  • Old apartment / house

And other conditions or equipments is limited.

To save a security deposit tip 2: Find a way you don’t have to pay


The second way to save the security deposit is use a corporate contract.

When the company makes a corporate contract, it is possible you don’t pay the security deposit.

There are two cases when a company makes a corporate contract in Japan.

  • The company provides rent assistance for employees
  • Business owner rents as home / office

If the company you belong to can make a corporate contract, the company will act as a guarantor, so no deposit is required.

Furthermore, since it is advantageous for occupancy screening, there is also an advantage that the period until occupancy can be shortened.

However, when contracting a rental apartment as a home / office, the deposit costs may be higher because many people may use it.

To save a security deposit tip 3: Refund a security deposit more


Here is another option to save a security deposit, you keep a room clean without any stains and scratches, then may be increase the amount of money to be refunded.

To fully refund the security deposit, make sure that you scratched or ruined walls or floor when living in the room.

However, no matter how you use the room cleanly, the cost of moving out is written in the rental agreement.

If the rent agreement says that the house cleaning fee when you move out is borne by the borrower, the cleaning fee will be charged.

On the other hand, if in the house cleaning fee is borne by the owner in the rental agreement, the owner have to pay. You can free to go anywhere without paying cleaning fee.

When making a rent agreement, be sure to check in advance who have to pay cleaning fee and other costs when you leave.

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