Who can be the guarantor in Japan? What if there is no guarantor?

Who can be the guarantor in Japan? What if there is no guarantor?

When you are planning to rent an apartment in Japan, are you worried that there is no joint guarantor to guarantee the rent, or that there is no acquaintance in Japan who can meet the requirements of the joint guarantor?

This article explains how to make a house lease contract without a joint guarantor in Japan.

When renting a house in Japan, it is essential to have a joint guarantor as a rent guarantee.

However, it is possible to rent a house without having a guarantor for reasons such as no acquaintances Japan.。

Why is a joint guarantor is required for a lease contract?

A joint guarantor is essential for a lease contract for a Japanese apartment.

Under Japanese civil law, a joint guarantor is obligated to pay for the rent when the borrower cannot pay the rent. In the case of a joint guarantor, there is a compulsory power that cannot be refused if the renter asks you to pay the rent.

By the way, “guarantor” and “joint guarantor” are different.

The guarantor can ask the borrower to pay the rent when the rent is unpaid.

However, depending on the real estate company with which the contract is made, even though it is written as “guarantor”, it may actually mean “joint guarantor”.

Be sure to check the meaning if it is unclear in the contract. The joint guarantor is legally responsible for reimbursement when the rent is not paid, so the examination will be stricter than the guarantor.

There is an examination to be recognized as a joint guarantor.

A joint guarantor must follow the same responsibilities as the borrower under Japanese civil law, so it becomes a joint guarantor only after passing a review.

A joint guarantor must follow the same responsibilities as the borrower under Japanese civil law, so it becomes a joint guarantor only after passing a review. The requirements may differ slightly depending on the owner and housing agencies, but the most of cases handled by Smart Relocate are as follows.

  • Japanese who live in Japan
  • A full time worker

Even if these requirements are met, the rental guarantee may be refused due to the amount of income.

Is it possible to ask the company for a joint guarantor?

Would it be possible to ask my company for a joint guarantor if you already have a place of work in Japan, or if you move to Japan as Expat?

A joint guarantor is usually an individual, so if you want to consult a company with a joint guarantor, make sure that the company support corporate contracts. 

When you make a corporate contract, you often do not need an individual guarantor.

The joint guarantor needs information at the time of the lease contract, so if you cannot find a joint guarantor in Japan, consult with the company beforehand.

What should I do if there is no joint guarantor?

So, if you cannot find a joint guarantor from your friends or colleague after coming to Japan, can you make a rental contract?

In Japan, you can make a rental contract without a joint guarantor by contracting with a rental guarantee company.

By contracting with a guarantee company, it plays the role of a joint guarantor by paying the guarantee fee. But you can’t choose the guarantee companies.

Do I choose the guarantee company myself?

 You can’t choose the guarantee companies.

In many cases, housing agencies have associated guarantee companies, so you do not have to choose it your own.

In other words, for the guarantee fee, you need to pay the amount charged by the housing agency, and there is no discount.

How much is the guarantee company fee?

The price of the guarantee fee when using a rent guarantee company varies depending on the guarantee company, so check before you rent if you are interested.

Here are some examples of guarantee fees for Smart Relocate customers.

  • 2% of monthly rent
  • 10 to 100% of rent in contract period

Documents necessary for the guarantee company’s examination

In order to make a contract with a guarantee company, you will need to submit following documents.

  1. Resident Certificate
  2. Japanese documents that can prove your income (Employment certificate, income certificate, final tax return, or withholding slip)
  3. If you are an international student, you can prove that you have deposits or remittance regularly at the bank
  4. Residence Card
  5. Copy of Passport

Specially if you don’t have a residence card, it is very difficult to pass the rent guarantee company’s screening.

The balance between annual income and rental fee is also important, and if the rental fee is more than 1/3 of the annual income, you may not pass the screening.

Does the rent guarantee company support foreign languages?

One of the guarantee company conditions is to verify the identity of the mobile phone, but this response is mostly in Japanese. 

Recently, the number of guarantee companies with interpreters is increasing and verify the identity in English.

If you are not confident in your Japanese, telephone conversations must be very anxious.

Smart Relocate can provide support such as preparing Japanese conversation lessons, if you are contracting with a rent guarantee company that supports only Japanese,

Even if you do not find a guarantor, you can make a contract if you use a rent guarantee company.

Rental contracts in Japan require a “joint guarantor” who assumes the same responsibilities as the borrower. The joint guarantor must be a Japanese, and there are certain standards such as full-time employees.

Even if you can not find a Japanese guarantor, you still can rent a rental contract by signing with a rent guarantee company.

Smart Relocate are also providing various supports in case of contracts with rent guarantee companies.

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