Recommended town for people who work in Tokyo [Chiba]

Recommended town for people who work in Tokyo [Chiba]

Many foreigners who work in Tokyo are looking for rental apartments in large areas such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ikebukuro in Tokyo.

Smart Relocate can introduce areas around Chiba, Makuhari and Urayasu close to Tokyo for clients who are particular about rent and room size.

This article recommends the living area for people who plan to work in Tokyo.

Recommended towns for people who work in Tokyo while living in Chiba.


Here are four recommended towns for people who work in Tokyo.

Considering the living environment, we often introduce many apartments in this area.

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Chiba Area

Located around Chiba station and Inage station

In the Chiba area, the train lines around Chiba station to Inage station are the Sobu Line and Keiyo Line and are convenient and popular for commuting and attending school. Both station have rapid lines too.

Chiba Sogo is a large department store around Chiba Station, and the recently renovated station building has many popular shops and is always crowded with shoppers.

There is a high-rise condominium and “AEON” in the complex in front of the station at Inage station, which is one stop away from Chiba station.

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Ichikawa, Funabashi Area

Ichikawa and Funabashi areas are the second largest commercial areas following Chiba city.

These two are areas with easy access to and from Tokyo within a 30 minute train ride. There are many supermarkets in front of the station, and the rent price is slightly lower than in centeral Tokyo.

This area also has many famous private schools and is known as one of the premier educational areas in Chiba prefecture.

Nishi-Funabashi Station, located between Ichikawa and Funabashi is the junction station for  six train lines connecting JR and the subway,  very convenient for commuting and attending school in the Tokyo, Chiba, and Saitama areas.

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Makuhari Area

In the Makuhari area near the vicinity of Kaihin Makuhari station and Makuhari station is a town with plenty of leisure activities, shopping, relaxing fields and a sense of freedom.

There is an outlet mall in front of Kaihin makuhari station, and there are large commercial facilities such as “AEON MALL” and “Costco” near by. Therefore, it is a perfect environment for everyday shopping.

It is also close to Makuhari Messe where various events are held throughout the year, and is also planned as a location for some Olympic venues in 2020.

The survey shows that Makuhari and Kaihin Makuhari areas have the highest proportion of foreign residence in Chiba City.

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Urayasu Area

The Urayasu area is a beautiful bay city. It is located about 20 minutes from Tokyo by train.

Our office location is also here, in Urayasu!!

Thanks to Tokyo Disneyland location at Maihama station, there are many express buses to the Tokyo area and the international airport. By using these public transportation, you can also relax with stress-free commuting. There are also plenty of commercial facilities such as shopping malls and supermarkets to choose from.

The sea is within walking distance with many palm trees lining up along the roads, I personally call this area California in Kanto!

By the way, Urayasu is famous for digging clams! Of course, it’s all natural and free of charge. It’s really fun for kids too, why don’t you try it once??

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