How to set up electricity, gas, and water services on your own?

How to set up electricity, gas, and water services on your own?

When moving into a new residence, it’s crucial to arrange for essential utilities such as electricity, gas, and water in advance. Delaying these procedures can lead to inconveniences like no hot water or electricity on your move-in day, depending on the timing. Therefore, be sure to check and complete these tasks before your relocation.

Procedures for electricity, gas, and water services and whether attending is required

When starting to use utilities, the procedures and the need for attendance may vary slightly.

Application Methods Attending Requirement”
Electricity Telephone, Internet Unnecessary
Gas Telephone, Internet Necessary
Water Telephone, Internet, and Mail Unnecessary




Essential Tips to Know Before Moving

Attendance is required when opening gas.

As you can see in the above table of the three utilities, gas requires the presence of the contract holder when the valve is opened.

It is because after the service personnel visit your home to open the gas valve, they perform checks for gas leaks indoors and provide instructions on how to use gas appliances.

You can choose your preferred time slot when making a reservation, and under normal circumstances, the task usually takes about 20 minutes. However, during the peak moving season from January to March, it can be challenging to secure a reservation for your desired date and time. Therefore, it’s advisable to allow some flexibility in your schedule before and after your reserved time.

Make the reservation at least one week before the move.

It is recommended to apply for electricity, gas, and water services at least one week before the move, and no later than 3-4 days prior to the move.

Especially when moving during the peak moving season, it’s not uncommon to miss out on your preferred date and time if you don’t make the reservation well in advance.

If you want to ensure that you can use utilities from the day you move in, it’s advisable to make a reservation around two weeks in advance.

You can also apply online

In the past, applying utility services required calling providers or relying on real estate agencies. However, in recent years, it has become much more convenient to apply for these services online.

For example, within the service area of Tokyo Gas, you can arrange not only gas but also electricity services conveniently through their website. Furthermore, when within the same service jurisdiction, you can manage both moving in and moving out procedures simultaneously, making it easier to facilitate your move even with a busy schedule.

Certain payment methods may earn you points.

You can choose from various methods for paying your electricity, gas, and water bills, including paper invoices, bank transfers, and credit cards.

Especially in recent times, by using electronic money or registering credit cards, you can sometimes earn points simultaneously with the payment of usage fees. Since utility bills are paid monthly, many people appreciate the opportunity to gradually accumulate points, finding it a rewarding aspect of their regular expenses.

Convenient Online Bill Viewing

While you can still receive electricity, gas, and water bills by mail, in recent years, many people have been taking advantage of services that allow them to view these bills online.

Some companies offer services that show your electricity usage and billing amounts in a visual format. They may also provide options for ordering drinking water and kerosene.

Furthermore, the Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau has a dedicated app with a menu called “Disaster Hourly Water Stations.” In the event of a disaster that disrupts regular water supply, this app allows you to locate places where you can obtain drinking water.

Many companies feature tips on their websites and dedicated apps to make the new life more comfortable.

Prepare for your move early for a comfortable start to your new life.


Arranging for electricity, gas, and water services might seem daunting at first, but nowadays, with the help of the internet and apps, anyone can easily complete the procedures.

Especially during the so-called “moving season” from January to March when real estate companies have many clients, there’s a possibility that requesting the activation of utilities like electricity, gas, and water may not be completed in time for your move-in. To ensure a comfortable start to your new life from day one, it’s advisable to schedule these utilities with some extra time and make good use of convenient services such as the internet and apps.

In this article, we’ve shared some essential knowledge about utilities that you should be aware of before moving in. Next time, we’ll provide tips and important considerations when setting up and using electricity, gas, and water services.


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