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Explore new life in new place with full of fun!

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Smart Relocate can help you find your ideal home and provide everyday support after settling in. We specialize in helping individuals and international employees who are moving to Japan. Make the best of our services for you and your family to start a new life in Japan.  


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Our Services

The following services are available for our customers.

Fully furnished plans

We create a light and sensible move-in with furniture and home appliances.

House Hunting

Helping you to find a property that meets your requirements. We can help you save on initial costs.

Your new home is waiting for you.Selecting a home in Japan while abroad

Smart Location assists families to smoothly and comfortably restart their lives when returning to Japan from abroad.

Buying and Selling Property

As a real estate expert, we will assist you in purchasing real estate in Japan.

Furniture Removal and Purchasing Services

Sell us your usable furniture and appliances! We provide simple and affordable moving services.

VISA application service

Application services for residential certification such as employment, spouse visa, permanent residence, naturalization application etc.


Ichikawa Funabashi Makuhari Chiba Urayasu Tokyo Coastal Area Tokyo Chiba Tokyo bay

Tokyo Coastal Area

A neighborhood that combines convenience with the richness of nature

6 kilometers from Tokyo. Comfortable access to the city center, directly connected to Nihonbashi and Otemachi. Various small and large parks that can be enjoyed by everyone from adults to children, such as Kasai Rinkai Park. You’ll have a sense of the richness of nature on a daily basis.

New Arrivals Tokyo Coastal Area

Urayasu Area

An urban resort with a view you won’t find downtown

Enjoy a neighborhood located about 15 kilometers from JR Tokyo Station, or 15 minutes by rapid train. Our urban resort abounds with the beauty of the sea and nature. It is in a popular area where you can enjoy a refined lifestyle, with Disneyland, hotels, restaurants, large shopping malls, and diverse features of the city, including cultural and educational institutions, nearby.

New Arrivals Urayasu Area

Ichikawa & Funabashi Area

A city of culture and education

A residential area accessible to both Tokyo and Chiba. Experience easy living amid the richness and greenery of Edogawa. A charming natural environment spreads out around you as you experience a lifestyle with every convenience.

New Arrivals Ichikawa & Funabashi Area

Makuhari & Chiba Area

At the halfway point of 2 airports connecting to the rest of the world

Chiba is the capital and largest city of Chiba Prefecture. Makuhari area is facing the beautiful coast and the vast park by Tokyo Bay. These area's environment will keep you active in your spare time and every day will be filled with a sense of freedom and comfort.

New Arrivals Makuhari & Chiba Area



Get remote support

Take advantage of our remote support with ZOOM or Skype image.
A panoramic view with a 360 degree camera can help for your house inspection.by using the camera on a mobile device to see exactly what the customer is experiencing.


Feel free to ask us via Chatting!

"Are there any properties without security deposit and key money?"
"I want to move in 2LDK, near the station two weeks later!"
"Is it possible to see the house after work today?"

If you have any questions or interested properties, feel free to contact us via chat!
We will be at your service immediately.
(Japanese / English available)


Always be there

We are committed to providing exceptional customer support to every customer.
Our support team works very closely in more ways to ensure that every customer receives the best possible support and reduce on-site visits.

Settling Support Service

We provide information and workshops to minimize the stress on getting settled. Our program contains cross-cultural information such as cultural values, norms, customs and etiquette which helps internationals settle in easier to their new environment.

Our moving in support service also contains.

  • Information about the local area (transport, school, shopping, leisure and worship)
  • Introduction to local doctor and dentist
  • Setting support for utilities, TV & Internet subscriptions
  • Cultural information, settle in workshop

10 language life support calls. is also available → Click here for more details


VISA Application Service

We support various applications for residence certificate, permanent residence and naturalization for foreigners.
Our main application services as follows,

  • Foreigners employment / Working visa
  • International marriage / Spouse visa
  • Company management visa
  • Permanent residence, Naturalization, Family stay

For more inquiry, please feel free to get in touch with us!



本帰国体験レポート 本帰国体験レポート


This is a guidebook for those who are planning to start a new life in Japan.
It contains basic information regarding searching for an apartment.


If you have any sudden relocation in Japan, please contact us!
We will find you the best selection of apartments and houses in Japan.

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