The flow of move in to the house
( Approx 2Weeks)

お客様 オペレーター
Inquiry & Preview a house
Please provide us with your specific criteria and search arrange the preview
Search for a house

We check availability of houses in the area you are interested in.

Rental Application
1. Fill out the application form
2. Submit required documents
ex.) Passport, Driver license, Health insurance card, Residence card, Employment certificate etc.,
Guarantor Review
Guarantor company may call you for the review.
It takes 2 3 days to find the result.
Important Explanation / Sign the contract

If you are staying far, we can explain the important notice by online.
Please prepare Hanko, Residence certificate(Juminhyo), Bank account information

Pay the initial fee

The initial fee includes the followings.
-Monthly rent ( 1 2 month)
-Management fee
-Common service fee
-Key money ・ Deposit
-Guarantor service fee
-Insurance fee
-Key change

Receiving Keys
Keye will be provided after confirming the conntract and the payment

Feel free to ask us for a ny troubles after moving in. 大丈夫!

  • How do I apply forwater, electricity and Gas service?
  • What is the contact number forgas start checking?
  • Where should I go for Internet and mobile phone contracts?
  • We want to know the details of public services
  • Where should I apply for the resident redistration?
  • I do not know the rules of how to throw the waste
  • I can't understand the school application procedures
  • I do not know how to transfer the money

Even after moving in, if you have trouble with your new life Feel free to contact to us.


This is a guidebook for those who are planning to start a new life in Japan.
It contains basic information regarding searching for an apartment.


If you have any sudden relocation in Japan, please contact us!
We will find you the best selection of apartments and houses in Japan.

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