01. Finding a property

First, contact us and give us your housing requests .
We will need the following information:

  • Your budget 
 – The types of housing / The number of rooms
 – Location that you would like to live in
  • The size of your family
  • The length of your stay
  • Move in date ( Normally, it is best to start searching house 2-3 weeks before you move in.)
  • Any specific concerns or requests

We’ll give you the details of properties that meet your demand via email or fax. Please choose convenient way for you and your family.
We have more properties information besides listed ones on our website, so please feel free to ask us about properties you are interested in.

02. Preview Properties

We arrange viewing tours as many times as you wish.
Once you found housing that meet your demand, a consultant will take you to the houses.

For requests from overseas, we will provide you with the details such as photos and 360-degree panoramic images so that you can experience the real atmosphere of the houses.

Normally, the rental market moves much faster than usual in January to March in Japan. If you find a perfect house, we recommend you to take a quick action to get it.

03. Making a Contract

For far away customers we will support contracts online.
We offer comprehensive support online, so you can conduct all the various procedures leading to your contract online or by mail, so even if you are far away, you do not need to make repeated trips to our office before making your contract.

Registration and Inkan (Japanese stamps) are also supported as well.

04. After moving-in support

We will provide you with plenty of assistance even after you moved in to your new house.
There are many procedures that you need to do after moving in.
Smart Relocate offers support firmly even after you moved in your new house.
Please relax, and enjoy your new life!

【The example of the services after moving in】
Help you to apply utilities such as water service, gas, and electricity
Help you to install landline and the internet
Help you with plumbing trouble
Help you with heating/air conditioning breakdowns, etc.


This is a guidebook for those who are planning to start a new life in Japan.
It contains basic information regarding searching for an apartment.


If you have any sudden relocation in Japan, please contact us!
We will find you the best selection of apartments and houses in Japan.

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