Fully furnished plans

Furnished Studio

We create a light and sensible move-in with furniture and home appliances.

About fully furnished plans

A property with furniture and appliances for a fully furnished studio apartment that allows you to choose the best plan to meet your varied needs.

Starting with a monthly plan available for less than 3 months to long-term use of more than one year, you can move in sensibly according to your lifestyle.

It is also highly recommended for short-term use and for trial move-in and remote work.


Choose from our full selection of items
for single-room accommodation.

Furniture and home appliances
will be installed in your room.



画像Air conditioner

画像Double curtains

画像TV set


画像Washing machine

画像Small table

Featured Value1

Because it comes with
furniture and home appliances

from day one,
you can start a new life worry-free!

So move in with ease!


Featured Value2

Because it comes with
furniture and home appliances

there are no unnecessary maintenance fees!
This means the initial cost is even more advantageous!

Initial cost is affordable!

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