Furniture rental service

Basic 3 sets 画像
  • Freezer refrigerator 96L
  • Automatic washing machine 4.2 kg
  • Microwave oven
2,700yen / month
Basic 4 sets 画像
  • Freezer refrigerator 96L
  • 19-inch LCD TV
  • Automatic washing machine 4.2 kg
  • Microwave oven
3,000yen / month
Choose 5 out of 12 appliances 画像
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine
  • Microwave oven
  • Stick type vacuum cleaner
  • Humidifier
  • Lighting
  • 19-inch liquid crystal television
  • DVD
  • Coffee maker
  • Rice cooker
  • electric kettle
  • fan
3,500yen / month
Bed Sets 画像
  • Single bed with bedding
  • Fridge  Washing machine
  • Microwave oven
4,900yen / month
* Including transportation fee, and warranty (in case of 2 year contract).

5 Benefits

Free delivery · Free disposal of used furnitureAfter making the contract, we will bring all furniture to your new house in about a week.
Setting up for free of chargeWe will set up furniture on the spot so that you can use them immediately after a delivery.
Free exchange for defectYou can exchange them for free during the rental period if the product fails.
You can choose time and day as you wishSince it is possible to decide a delivery time freely in the time frame, you can choose the delivery date.
No burden of recycling feeThere is no need to pay recycle charge after finishing the contract.

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