Consultation for various kinds of inquiries & troubles for your new house

Our customers are encouraged to join SMA-RELO HELP LINE for secure support even after moving in. ( 1080 yen / month )

10 languages are available.

· English · Chinese · Korean · Vietnamese · Nepali · Thai · Portuguese · Spanish · French · Russian


Consultation on contract
  • Required documents for renewing / canceling contracts
  • Inquiries on unclear points
Equipment defect etc.
  • Water, electricity and gas trouble
  • Lost key and how to use room equipment
Lifeline matters
  • Procedure for starting and stopping usage
  • Payment procedure for public service
Rules and etiquette
  • How to throw away garbage, and deal with noise problems
  • Inquiries about unclear points about Japanese customs etc.
Notice of short-term absence
  • Supports for submitting many types of notifications when you temporarily leave Japan.
Emergency support
  • Support for sudden troubles such as illness or injury
  • Help for nighttime emergency
For any other kinds of trouble, please feel free to contact us.

If you have any sudden relocation in Japan, please contact us!
We will find you the best selection of apartments and houses in Japan.

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