We started UR housing!

We started UR housing!

UR rental housing are also available starting this month!

Do you know that a UR housing is?
It is a goverment funded housing. Thanks to their abundance, they are very popular for their low initial cost.
We have completed registration as an agent this month and now we can offer UR rental housing throughout the Kanto area!

First of all, here are some of the benefits of UR rental housing.

1 No key money required

Key money is a form of payment customary to Japan, and it doesn’t get returned when you move out. However, key money is not required, and this greatly reduces initial costs.

2 No gurarantor required

For conventional homes, 50 – 100% of a month’s rent is required for gurarantor insurance. But this also exempt. We only require your information, making paperwork a cinch!

3 No Japanese required

Application reviews are not necessary, and application support for foreign nationals are also provided.

4 No agent fees

You can pass the savings on to buying new furniture

5.No renewal fees

Another way to save up on expenses. 

I though UR housing was limited to housing complexes

Actually, no. There are many forms of UR housing, and we will help you find the one you want.



Designer’s interior


high-rise apartments


housing complex


If you wish to move to a UR housing, we can assist you 🙂

We look forward to hearing from you!

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